There are many reasons why you might choose to place your child for adoption. Maybe you are just not ready to parent a child. Perhaps you want to finish school before you start a family. Possibly you want more for your child than you are able to provide at this time. It is never easy to place a child for adoption…but some times, it is what is best for your child and you.

Making an adoption plan takes courage and maturity. It takes the ability to put your child’s needs before yours. We respect the decision you have made to allow your child to be born. In choosing adoption, you further demonstrate your love and concern for your child, and your desire that the child has a good start in life, even if you cannot provide that.

We are here for you…to listen…to care…and to provide you much-needed emotional, as well as financial support through this time in your life.

Family Adoption Services was established in 1991. We are a private child placement agency, licensed by the State of Alabama. Our agency is committed to providing comprehensive services and caring support to birthparents and adoptive parents. We offer birthparents counseling, legal services, medical care, financial aid, and the opportunity to choose the adoptive parent profile they wish for their child to have. We offer adoptive parents counseling, home studies, post-placement visits, and all legal services.

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  • Contract Home Studies and Post Placement Studies compliant with all requirements
  • ICPC document preparation and filing
  • Acquisition of American Court documents and State issued Birth Certificate
  • Birth Parent Interviews and Assessments
  • Birth Parent Counseling
  • Long term support service.